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Are you ready to say what you REALLY think at the office?
If you are ready to stop fretting over how to provide constructive feedback or speak up powerfully in meetings. Then I invite you to join the challenge!

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Attention corporate leaders: is your organization headed for a glass cliff?

Right Now Your Company Is Overlooking Valuable Resources and Key Leadership Talent

Learn how to increase your company’s competitive advantage by developing, advancing and retaining women leaders

Did you know:

  • Women control two-thirds of global consumer spending (that’s $12.2 trillion).
  • Companies with the highest representation of women on their top management teams experience a 34% higher total return to shareholders (TRS).
  • Companies such as General Motors (GM), IBM, and PepsiCo are embracing this change and have ensured they have gender diversity at the top.

So the only question is, are you getting a piece of this action?

For many companies and small businesses the answer is no. Unless your management team understands how top performing women communicate and lead then you will keep missing out on this competitive advantage.

Join Dr. Nadia Brown for an eye-opening and inspired conversation about women and leadership. A dynamic speaker, trainer and author, Dr. Nadia has a message for companies and women managers everywhere: the old days of “command and control” leadership are over.

The founder of Doyenne Leadership and the author of Leading Like a Lady: How to Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling, Dr. Nadia will reveal why investing in women leaders is the key to a more engaged workforce, a culture of innovation and ultimately, increased profitability. Her interactive presentations combine the latest in management theory with practical tools and strategies to create a culture of high-performance and open communication.

For more information and availability, email or call 888-378-1119.


Dr. Nadia

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