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Hello, Doyenne.

I’ve been keeping my eye out for you.
Glad you made it.

Remember: your playing small
in business doesn’t serve the world.










What does it take to become a woman who is among the most respected or prominent in her field?

At Doyenne Leadership, we work with women in two key moments:

(1) Making the leap from a successful corporate career into the world of lucrative and freedom-rich self-employment.

(2) Scaling up an already-profitable business by methodically creating more of the right customers and by building the right support team to support your growth. 

In today’s marketplace, it’s not enough to be great at what you do. You’ve got to know how to communicate so that the right people see what you’re seeing, and want a part of it, too. Whether you’re a one-woman shop or growing your seven-figure empire, this is what we’ll help you do, doyenne-style. 

The Doyenne Difference

Every doyenne knows that business is about relationships. You’ve got to reach out. Show up. Engage people in meaningful conversations that add real benefit to their lives. 

Here at Doyenne Leadership, it all boils down to three key skills:

Leadership. Speaking. Sales. 

This is how I built my business. This is what I teach my clients. This is what it takes to go from good to doyenne.

What could one new client per week do for your business?

Get my guide and let’s find out.