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Dr. Nadia’s Bio

Some superheroes swoop in, seemingly out of nowhere, and save the world so effortlessly that we can do nothing but revel in their greatness.

Some superheros, when we encounter them, leave us changed—charged with possibility and passion about what we now can be.

Some superheros are so fiercely fearless that we are first floored, and then lifted to our next.

And then we realize that the hero is really a heroine—in heels.

Meet Dr. Nadia Brown.

An authentic, bold champion for womenpreneurs worldwide, she is deeply devoted to their success, their sales and their stratosphere. She shows women how to own their power, profitability and purpose to lead—from the front. To be a student of Dr. Nadia is to abandon the notion that femininity concedes power—proving instead that it actually commands it.

A lifelong scholar who devotes her entire heart, soul and spirit to anything she embarks on, everything she touches becomes extraordinary. Her addiction to exceptional performance and expanding her intellect is not just contagious, it is all encompassing—consuming. Yet, she is so humble and so gracious, that she urges you to not be intimated by her accolades and her achievements—instead she encourages you to be inspired enough to follow her lead. And lead she does.

With a doctorate in Organizational Leadership, Dr. Nadia has studied leaders from the inside out, charting their successes and their paths to greatness.

Turning her learning and lens to women, she founded her acclaimed leadership development firm, Doyenne Leadership Institute, where she is single-handedly redefining what it means to be a woman entrepreneurial leader, to command respect and revenue—equally and gracefully—while not sacrificing stature, sales or, dare we say, sexiness.

Her teachings are on the precipice of a rise of power for the womenpreneurs, and it is one you do not want to miss.  With her new venture, The Power Profits Academy, she will lead the women who walk alongside her to not only greatness, but to exponential profitability. Women come to her sensitive and shaky about going after the money—they leave her strategic, strong, emboldened, and most importantly, paid.

But, make no mistake, this woman practices what she preaches.

When it comes to sales, Dr. Nadia approaches each opportunity with a courage that is enviable and relentless. She has a reputation for consistently shattered sales records like only a superwoman could. Within her first six months providing sales support for a former client, Dr. Nadia garnered over a quarter of a million dollars in sales.

She is power.

She is a bold gift and grace, wrapped beautifully in courage, heart and a devotion to be the difference for womenpreneurs all over the globe.

She is Dr. Nadia Brown.