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Leading Like a Lady®

bookcover_mockAt a time when women outnumber men in the workplace, hold more than 51 percent of managerial positions, and start new businesses every 60 seconds, many women still feel that their careers are impeded by glass ceilings, glass walls, glass cliffs, or glass cages. What if all that glass is simply a smoke screen?

In the first installment of the Leading Like a Lady book series, “How to Shatter Your Inner Glass Ceiling,” Dr. Nadia dispels the myth of the external glass ceiling. She reveals what is truly stalling your next career advancement: your self-imposed, internal glass ceiling. The best part? Dr. Nadia explains in her no-nonsense, charming manner how to gracefully shatter that ceiling.

It is time for you to walk in the room, own your unique leadership style, and take command of your career. This book is your sledgehammer to getting the accolades, achievements, and salary you are worthy of receiving.

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Interview with Coach Isha Cogborn